Native Plants available for sale

All of the plants listed for sale are deer resistant.  No plant is deer proof. It all depends on how desperate the deer are for food.

Plants are in 1.5 qt pots and larger.  1.5 qt pots are $7.50, larger pots range from $10 - $15

DISCOUNTS: 10% off 5 - 9 Plants;  20% off 10 or more plants

Please contact us if you wish to purchase.  908-337-0264 /

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly weed)

April 24, 2016

2’ tall x 1’ spread.  Flowers are a nectar source for many butterflies and leaves are a food source for monarch butterfly larvae.   


Full sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant


Blooms June-July









Tiarella Cordifolia (Creeping Foam Flower)

April 24, 2016

1’ tall with 2’ spread.  Excellent ground cover.  Creates clumps and spreads by runners. Carefree


Full Sun to Full Shade. Tolerates dry to moist conditions, but well-drained.


Blooms April - May

Lobelia Cardinalis (Cardinal Flower)

April 24, 2016

3’ tall x 1’ spread. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.


Full sun to full shade. Prefers moist/wet areas. Adapts to sandy loam and gravelly or clay soil, but will not tolerate drought.


Blooms late summer/early fall

Ruellia Humilis (Wild Petunia)

April 24, 2016

1’ tall x 1’ spread.  Great for long tongued bees and butterflies. It is also a host plant for the larvae of the buckeye butterfly.


Drough tolerant, easy to grow, tolerates poor soil and clay.


Blooms June – August.

Aster divaricatus (White Wood Aster)

April 24, 2016

1-2’ tall with a 1’ spread.

Great for a Wildlife Garden or Shade Garden. Plants are also used as Butterfly NectarPlants, Butterfly Host Plants or as part of a Grouping or Mass Planting.  Showy Fragrant Blooms and can be used in Cottage Gardens, Deer Resistant Plantings, Water-wise Landscapes, Low Maintenance Plantings, Dry Meadows, Perennial Borders, Roadsides. 


Partial - Full Shade.  Drought tolerant. 

Blooms September - November

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