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Many minerals have been depleted throughout our landscapes which are vital to the health of our plants. The fertility of the soil can be restored by using organic compost and minerals that are naturally occurring, and simply by mimicking nature itself. Once these nutrients are returned to your soil, the quality of your fruits and vegetable will increase and you will reap the benefits of eating nutrient rich foods! 

I use methods derived from my learnings of permaculture, bionutrients, organic orchard workshops, as well as my personal gardening experiences in New Jersey.  

My definition of Permaculture is a design that allows for one to live sustainably throughout the year, regardless of the climate or location by using the resources that are available to you at your specific site.  This design assists plant, insect and animal species to flourish in an environment that recycles within itself. 

A Permaculture environment provides harmony with all living species, using the wind, sun, soil, water, moon and landscape.  There is little impact to the environment that will disrupt the natural occurrence of life.  Even areas of poor sustainability of life where there is lack of water, or soil that has lost its nutrient level can be designed to harvest water and restore the soil nutrients by using plants, animals and techniques that will give these nutrients back and provide food.  This is achieved by using plants that have natural nutrient accumulators, nitrogen fixers, habitat and are edible.  The scale to which one wishes to achieve this, can vary from a very small space to a very large farm. 










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