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Water Management

Do you have standing water in your yard after it rains? Or is your soil often too dry? Using a variety of modern, sustainable methods, we will design a water management plan for your landscape. This plan can include rain barrels, downspout planters, sump pump diversion, grey water diversion, and altering the topography of your property, such as through the creation of swales. Water management methods can be implemented by Yards of Plenty, and the cost will vary depending on the particular methods used and size of the landscape.


Rain Gardens

If you have a site where water never drains and plants/lawns do not thrive, establishing a rain garden can solve the problem. Rain gardens take up this standing water, while providing you with a flourishing garden.  We choose and arrange plant species to lead rain gardens to require minimal maintenance, while also revitalizing the natural environment of your landscape.  We will walk with you through your site and create a detailed plan for your rain garden. 

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