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Landscape Design

We provide you with a personalized landscape design.  The design will be specific to your vision of the space, incorporating native and edible plant species for year-round interest and nutrient-rich foods. By using the permaculture design method, the placement of particular plant species will allow the plants to complement one another, provide you with food, enrich the soil, and create habitat to attract pollinators and other beneficial creatures, while naturally protecting your gardens from pests. We design landscapes that are specific to your soil type, sun availability, rainfall, and wind patterns, allowing your landscape to sustain itself with minimal maintenance. It will become a lush, productive, and ecologically-sound space.


Our goal is to create a landscape that you love.  We will consult with you throughout the design process to ensure we are meeting your expectations.

Your writeup will include a visual presentation, soil preparation, quantity of plants, along with facts and care for each plant selection.

Landscape & Garden Installation

Yards of Plenty does not provide garden installation, however...

Yards of Plenty will provide you with the guidance, plans and education on how to give your plants the best treatment for survival and growth. 

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