Yards of Plenty, LLC


Certified Permaculture Landscape Designer


Specializing in Native, Sustainable and/or Organic Edible Landscapes, Forest Gardens and Vegetable Gardens



Yards of Plenty provides design services of natural and sustainable landscapes, as well as organic, edible gardens. We design residential and commercial landscapes of all sizes – from small urban yards to town parks. We also have a nice collection of native plants, some of which, are seldom sold in local nurseries.  Our mission is to create habitats that suit your taste and are beneficial to the environment.



After many years of working in the corporate IT world, Lori transitioned to pursue her passion in sustainable landscape design and organic gardening. Lori uses her experience in permaculture and organic gardening to design landscapes that mimic the native surroundings, bringing forth landscapes that are peaceful, edible, easy to maintain, and that reinvigorate local habitats. She completed the requirements for the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Organic Land Care Program, and is an ardent supporter of urban farming, edible gardening, and sustainability of all forms

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